Hemp wick is nothing more than hemp twine soaked in beeswax, making it the most simple and clean-burning lighter available.

We always handmade our hemp wick in small batches and quality-tested it ourselves! We hand coat every inch of hemp twine in 100% beeswax from our local apiaries and package all of our products ourselves with recycled packing paper and compostable containers.

We DO NOT use any of the following: GMOs, starches, lead, filler wax, paraffin wax, blended fibers, acid salts, bleaching agents, or petroleum products. We also do not use machines or outsource to create our products. You can learn more about our ingredients here!

We start with quality hemp twine from California and very local pure beeswax. The beeswax is put into a clean slow-cooker device and melted at a very low temperature. Once the beeswax is fully liquid, we submerge our hemp twine until all of the air has bubbled out. The hemp wick is then pulled out and drained of any excess beeswax until it begins to harden. Once the hemp wick has cooled off it is measured into lengths, cut, and packaged.

Check out our video showing the entire process: