What is Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is nothing more than hemp twine soaked in beeswax, making it the most simple and clean-burning lighter available. It is hemp twine soaked in beeswax. Hemp wick can light almost anything: candles, pilot lights, pipes, tobacco, herbs, camping grills, and candles. Hemp wick also preserves fine herbs’ flavor and terpene profiles, reduces harmful exposure to butane, and burns at much lower temperatures than traditional lighters.

We always hand-make our hemp wick in small batches and quality-test it ourselves! We hand coat every inch of all-natural hemp twine in all-natural beeswax from our local apiaries and package all our products ourselves with recycled packing paper and compostable containers.

We DO NOT use any of the following: GMOs, starches, lead, filler wax, paraffin wax, blended fibers, acid salts, bleaching agents, or petroleum products. We also do not use machines or outsource to create our products.

Currently, we only offer 10ft lengths. 50ft and 100ft are coming soon.

Our Ingredients 

Beeswax: We wax our hemp twine with organic wildflower beeswax from our local apiaries! The beehives it comes from are in uninhabited land near the beekeeper’s home. The bees gather pollen to make wild blossom honey and wax from Willow, Pear, and Elm trees, along with blackberry bushes, clovers, and other wildflower blossoms. 

The area surrounding the beehives is wild, uncultivated, and not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Our local beeswax gives our hemp wick its sweet honey smell and rich golden color. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to medium brown depending on the season and the variety of flowers the bees choose from. Bees are also naturally attracted to our hemp wick because of beeswax.

Hemp: Our pure and natural hemp is grown in California. It is unbleached and minimally processed. The color of the hemp twine can sometimes vary based on the strain, location, and even the season in which it is grown. 

As the hemp industry in Alabama continues to grow, we hope to find local sources for hemp products to support further and grow our local economy.

Packaging: Our labels are hand-cut from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are hand-stamped. 

The mailer is 100% compostable (except for the shipping label). We also use 100% post-consumer recycled packing paper to wrap the hemp wick for shipping. Often, we will use old newspapers.

We have just transitioned to glassine packaging made from pulp and compostable. This will keep our hemp wick fresh and debris-free without putting plastics into landfills.

Uses: lighting candles (and making them), pilot lights, pipes, tobacco, herbs, camping grills, candles, and almost anything else. Our hemp wick can be pulled taut to light hard-to-reach areas like the center of campfires, grills, or almost empty candles. Hemp wick also preserves the flavor of fine herbs, reduces harmful exposure to butane, and burns at a much lower temperature than traditional lighters. Read more uses here.

Beeswax improves tensile strength, making it prime for outdoor applications such as general, lightweight rope, jewelry making, clothing lines, securing/hanging vine plants (especially in the garden, which may help attract honeybees for pollination), or even as a makeshift fishing line, snare line, or shoestrings. 

Our hemp wick can quickly be wrapped around a lighter, a stick/skewer, or used as handle wrapping for knives/hatchets/axes- making it convenient to carry everywhere.

How it’s made: We have a YouTube video explaining how our hemp wick is produced by hand. It can be viewed here or below.