Beeswax bloom is a natural process that occurs when the natural oils and waxes in beeswax come to the surface and form a thin, white film or bloom on the surface of the beeswax. This is most commonly seen on pure, unbleached beeswax, but can also occur on beeswax that has been treated or refined in some way.

Beeswax bloom is not harmful and does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the beeswax. It is simply a natural occurrence that happens due to the chemical makeup of beeswax.

If you have beeswax bloom on your beeswax, you can simply wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth or brush. Beeswax bloom can also be removed by melting the beeswax and straining it through a fine mesh or cheesecloth, then allowing it to cool and solidify in a clean container.