Our hemp wick is created with the environment and all living creatures in mind. We are very conscious of carbon output and do our best to offset our carbon footprint as well as others. We utilize sustainable applications such as our 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our labels, locally recycled packing paper, locally sourced beeswax supply, as well as supporting the growth of hemp plants nationwide.

We do not use any waste or byproducts.

We are currently looking into using solar ovens to melt our beeswax and fully offset our electricity usage.


Our company fully supports the honeybee in any way that we can. Simply buying our products helps local beekeepers keep their honeybee population up. The honeybee is our saving grace to the human race. Without them, our crop production would be devastated. We are also a member of our local beekeeper’s association and strongly encourage you to become a member of your local chapter too- even if you don’t own any bees, yet. You can find more information on your local honey bees here.

The growth of honeybee populations: purchasing beeswax products ensures demand for humans to maintain a symbiotic relationship with honeybees, not just for their honey or beeswax- but also their pollination abilities. This partnership between humans and bees is an ancient bond we hope never to be broken.


Buying hemp supports a much larger picture. Hemp as a textile helps the economy as well as the environment. Hemp is one of the strongest and longest-lasting natural textiles. According to the North American Industrial Hemp Council, hemp can yield 3-8 dry tons of fiber per acre, four times what an average forest can yield. It has a very low impact on the environment and can produce more oil for fuel than corn can per acre. Hemp can also grow in a variety of climates and needs much fewer pesticides than cotton or corn if any. This places hemp as a very valuable, low-impact textile. We only use free-trade hemp and are a part of the National Hemp Association.

The growth of hemp plants: purchasing hemp products increases the demand to grow hemp plants. Not only does hemp reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, but it also absorbs and pulls toxic metals from the soil it is planted in (just like in Chernobyl). Our all-natural hemp twine comes from California and is not blended or bound with anything. It is 100% hemp fiber.

Local Packaging

Our mailers are 100% compostable (minus the shipping label) and our packing is 100% post-consumer locally recycled paper.

We currently utilize a recyclable plastic bag for our individual hemp wick. This keeps dust and gunk from sticking to the beeswax and allows it to retain its freshness and scent. This also helps keep the hemp wick even more water-resistant. We beg you to reuse and recycle this. There are a variety of things that the bag can be used for including storing the hemp wick, matches, tobacco and herbs, or even your daily vitamins.


When you buy our products, you are helping your local economy. We support apiaries and beekeepers local to you and try to keep our product built and maintained in your local economy. Money goes to the store you purchased it from, the employees they have, and the beekeepers near them. That money usually stays in your community and will help fund and grow your community. This means on a greater scale, your community’s businesses will grow, increasing jobs and the overall wealth of the people therein. Each dollar you spend at a small business returns 3x more money to your local economy than big businesses, and they are more likely to donate to causes and organizations in the community.

Please check out our products and feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can better our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint even further!